Android Phones Will Soon Receive A ‘Driving Mode’ Courtesy Of Google Assistant

If your car doesn’t support Android Auto, you won’t be completely out of luck when it comes to securely accessing your contacts, messages and your favorite navigation app in the future: At the annual I / O conference for 2019, Google announced Android Phones Will Soon Receive A ‘Driving Mode’ Courtesy Of Google Assistant.

Driving mode will be completely hands-free, and activated by saying “Hey Google, let’s drive”. Once the feature is activated, your phone’s interface will change to something much more suitable for driving. For example, you’ll get traffic info at the top, then you’ll see three big buttons at the top — Navigate, Make a call, and Play (for music) — as well as a large banner in the “Just for you” section that gives you information. about missed calls, shortcuts to the restaurant you ordered from, and more. As in Android Auto, appointments on your calendar bring up quick navigation links. You can of course talk to the Assistant whenever you need it.

It’s also customized for the user, with dinner reservations from your calendar showing directions to restaurants. Podcasts at home will automatically resume in the car. While you would normally use Google Assistant and your voice to access all of these options hands-free (by speaking the relevant commands), the driving mode interface is efficient enough that you can simply tap on various icons to access their functions. While this still poses the risk of crashing due to glitches, it’s certainly much safer and faster than swiping through various menus to access your phone or navigation apps.

The second driving-related announcement is that Google Assistant is coming to the Waze navigation app. “Soon you’ll be able to access all of your Assistant’s help and use your favorite Waze features, like reporting accidents or stopped vehicles, hands-free,” the company wrote on Twitter.

This announcement in Google Assistant, which brings driving mode via their phones to their cars, will help bring infotainment-style features to users who don’t have a touchscreen in their car. Android Auto is already available in about 500 new models from about 50 car brands. Google will launch its first in-car dedicated Android OS in partnership with Volvo. And there are plenty of aftermarket solutions too.

However, the driving mode in Google Assistant will be rolling out this summer for Android phones.

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