Google Brings Exciting Features To Android Phones Ahead Of Christmas

As the Christmas holidays keep getting closer every day, filled with so much excitement ahead, Google is about to spice up the season even more with a host of new value Google Brings Exciting Features To Android Phones Ahead Of Christmas. New features the global tech giant is introducing include Family Bell: new visually appealing widgets, new memories on the Google Photos app, and the Car Key feature via Android Auto on multiple phones.

The tech giant says a new feature called Family Bell is a special delivery on Android devices for the festive season that it hopes to make, capture and share holiday memories more enjoyable—all while strengthening security and personalization. Family Bell has been created to help users and their loved ones stay on track with their daily schedule, regardless of location. When Family Bell is set up on an Android phone, it will be integrated into all related devices such as home speakers or smart screens, and bells, notifications, everyone in your Family Bell gets notified when it’s time for important moments throughout the day. Whether it’s getting out of the house in the morning, picking up your kids from gym practice, or sleeping on a schedule, the Family Bell feature has been proven to let you and the rest of the family know. Family members also have the ability to set the bell on their own devices on other devices to stay on top of their respective goals. For the Christmas holidays, Family Bells comes with bell suggestions for new activities that include watering trees, watching family movies, or volunteering to support local causes. Family Bell basically comes with an easy way to edit, manage and customize from the device you love the most.

Google is also launching a new Memories in Google Photos, this feature has been developed to help users do quick flashbacks to the moments they celebrate. These memories have been programmed to appear in the photo grid and will display a selection of photos and videos selected from holidays such as New Year’s Eve or Halloween. Also important milestones like birthdays and graduations. This feature comes with capabilities that allow users to flex controls such as renaming, personalizing, correcting, or even choosing to remove These Memories from your photo grid.

An illustration of the Android Home screen, showing a large photo of a mother and child from the Google Photos People and Pets widget.

Another way that Google is using to make all its users proud this festive season is the introduction of Widgets. The reported widget will make it easier for users to view the content available in all their favorite Google apps right from the Home screen. Google has developed three new widgets guaranteed to bring users to enjoy this holiday season:

  • Easily get access to your full library of books while you’re on vacation. Track your audiobook progress with the new Google Play Books widget.
  • The new YouTube Music Widget guarantees users the ability to enjoy their favorite holiday songs. Comes with the ability to flex playback controls and recently played tracks right from your Home screen.
  • Launching next week, Google will help family, friends, loved ones and favorite furballs experience and stay closer with the new Google Photos People & Pets widget. This widget puts your family right on your Home screen. Just select a few suitable faces and frames and voila the widget will do the rest, you get a Home screen decorated with your near and dear ones.

Google has once again proved how helpful Android can be on the road, so whether you’re driving home for the Christmas holidays or going last minute grocery shopping at a nearby store, a series of updates has just improved on the experience. Google now lets you stay connected on all drives, your Android Auto can now launch automatically when you connect your Android phone to your compatible car. Once you hit the road, Android Auto helps you stay focused on the road while doing things. With smart response options rolling out shortly, responding to a text message can be made easier with the Google Assistant available on Android Auto. All users had to do was tap to reply or create a custom message. With one tap of the new play button at all times, users can listen to their music from the comfort of the Home screen. Another feature of this that would be rolling out soon enough is the ability to use the voice to search music faster in your media apps on Android Auto. With a tap on the new search icon, your favorite artist or song is playing.

Google is also introducing a new way to bring your phone and car closer together. The user will be able to use their Android phones to perform certain functions like locking, unlocking, and even starting your compatible car. Digital car key is now available in selected countries on Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, and Samsung Galaxy S21 for BMW compatible cars.

You thought that was the end, well there’s more. Do you remember that mobile game you recently downloaded? Probably not. By automatically resetting permissions on Android, your device will automatically turn on runtime permissions – allowing your apps to access data or take action on your behalf – for downloaded apps that you haven’t used in a while. Users can always turn this permission back on at any time, either through the settings menu or by reopening the app. This great feature will come with extended support for billions more devices with Google Play services running Android 6.0 or higher and is expected to launch next month.

Finally, Google sometimes says that because of the unlimited excitement of the time of year, you may miss the end – of – year messages you want to send to your relatives – and in fact one emoji may not tell. adequately complete story. Google introduces an Emoji Kitchen that lets you combine emojis into stickers so you can tell the whole story while sharing it with your friends, family and relatives. Celebrate the Christmas holidays by sharing your favorite emoji in a beautifully wrapped gift box. Or maybe you’re just a dog, let people know about an all-new collection of ‘furry friends’ in emojis. With thousands of new additions, Emoji Kitchen is the gift that keeps giving and is a great way to spread a little bit of a holiday. The latest stickers are being rolled out to Gboard Beta users starting today and will be available to all Gboard users in the coming weeks.

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