Google Is Reportedly Working On Its First Smartwatch

Google’s hardware team has kept users looking forward to something. Over the past few years, the hardware team has continued to push steadily to expand the company’s reach with new and outstanding innovations. With innovations revealed in the fields of earbuds, smart homes, phones, and even zippy notebooks, his ambitions continue to grow rapidly. According to reports, Google is diving into adding a smartwatch to its collection of smart devices, Google Is Reportedly Working On Its First Smartwatch with plans to launch in the New Year.

Until now, Google’s main focus has always been on the software side of smartwatches. Google recorded its involvement with emerging technology such as Wear OS and gave third-party viewers the ability to build their hardware around it. Over time, however, Google may be competing with the highly wearable manufacturers like Samsung which it has backed and which have had great partnerships for so many years.

Regardless of its support for Wear OS, Google has gone ahead and internally renamed its device “Rohan”, a report says it’s probably not the ultimate moniker. The new device may most likely have names such as “Pixel Watch” or “Pixel Wear” when it launches, common names hired by Google to date.

As for the design of the smart device, news sources say that the watch’s face is more likely to be round and possibly even bezel-free. So far, it’s hard to say what design the smartwatch would bring in practice as well as the durability of the watch. Many smartwatches with Apple Watch are a notable launch case with round faces, so we won’t be surprised exactly by the shape that Google smartwatches come out as.

However, according to a design document seen by Business Insider, Google aims to develop a smart watch that drives comfortably to “at least 90% of the population.” a “sizing issue” is not “sufficient” which prevents some users from using “fully consumable”. A smartwatch user with a large wrist finally agrees with Google. The user explains how he tried to throw older Fitbit models in the past complaining that they were always a little too tight or not proven to be good for my proportions.

In terms of functionality, reports say that the smartwatch will present health and fitness tracking features as we have seen in most smartwatches at Google’s upcoming competitors. While reports say employees have been allowed to test the device to determine pain points and potential areas where the tech giants need to improve. However, two major series continue to emerge. Both of these sets are the slow loading rate of the watch and the need for constant charging. Given the importance of how long the battery life is for smart devices especially smartwatches, it would come as a big surprise and surprise if the device launches in that state. It is believed that Google is likely to find lasting solutions to these issues before the Pixel Watch or smartwatches are released to the public in 2022.

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