Important Uses of Math in Human Life (Top 10)

Mathematics is the study of abstract concepts like space, quantity, structure, and change. Actually, math is all around you. The word “mathematics” came from Greek Mathematica which also means “science of measurement.” For example, if you measure the length of your foot it’s called metrology. If you then compare that to everyone else’s feet society has an idea about what range people should fall into (called statistics). I will discuss some important uses of math in human life(top 10) in this blog.

But specifically Math can be used for:

Science : Fundamental constituents of the physical world; Physical phenomena; Natural forces; Life or other systems whose components interact according to regular patterns (Example: Atomic theory)  Engineering : Systems with components that interact according to regular patterns (Example: Design of bridges and airplane wings)  Business : Increase efficiency; To make money; Long-term organization, planning, and coordination (Example: Discount coupon books at grocery stores) Mathematics can be used in virtually anything. Mathematicians study such abstract concepts such as numbers and patterns to make predictions about the real world.

Math is used in almost every profession today including journalism. It’s the job of a journalist to look for stories that interest people so they’ll read it or watch it on TV or online. So journalists have to come up with their own interesting way to present these stories…and this where math comes in handy! Journalists use “storytelling” frequently by understanding how many syllables are needed in each sentence they write. They also use the story structure appropriately.

Math is concerned with patterns and relationships, which is why mathematicians can take any two numbers or figures and work out their relationship. Mathematicians are interested in the “patterns” that emerge from these relationships. Like… 6 x 8 = 48 6 + 6 + 8 = 21 6×8=48 so 6+6+8=21 makes sense to me! Okay? And if you know your math well enough it will make sense to anyone who knows math! Even though I don’t even remember what I learned in school anymore. I still know how to tell a story using mathematics!

Important Uses of Math in Human Life

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Hence, here are some important uses of Math in Human Life:

1) Payment Transactions

We all know that banks use mathematics for calculation…and hence they issue money if proper calculations are satisfied. So mathematics has become the basis of our economy too. This is one of the best uses of math in human life.

2) Calculation of age

As you might be aware that dates are based on mathematics. This is because years can be expressed by numbers (like 2011). These numbers can be combined with other numbers giving us products like 20 x 10 = 200 months. Calculations are easy…and hence age is calculated easily.

3) Math is used in architecture

Buildings have heights, lengths and all these can be represented by numbers so it follows that math can be used in architecture. There are mathematical formulas for calculations of area of the building, its weight etc. So this tells us one thing that there is no anything which cannot use mathematics to express itself!

4) Math is used Physics

Physics, which deals with the world around us, has a lot of math in it. We all know that there are laws of nature and these laws if expressed mathematically make our life simpler. For example: the law of gravity is nothing but a summation of forces acting on an object.

5) In flight navigation

Calculations are most important part of flight navigation. In fact, flight cannot take place without calculating its speed and direction at every moment with respect to Earth’s surface or any other object in space! So math has been used in every aspect of our life and that too, very deeply rooted to an extent that we may not even know about it! This is also one of the top uses of math in human life.

6) Biology

Biology is also a science which uses mathematics a lot just like physics. For example, biology determined what size fish can be caught or how far you can walk before you have to take a break and these were all determined by mathematics.

7) Weather prediction

We all know that weather and ocean currents are determined by mathematics and physics. This is because if we can determine the pressure on water in a certain place at a given point of time…we can predict whether it will rain or not which ultimately decides if fishing is on or not.

8) Math is used in sports too (Olympics) 

We know that Olympics Games have scores for different events based on which winners are declared…and this is done by use of mathematics. There is a scoring table for Olympic Games where scores calculated from each event are recorded.

9) Math makes internet faster

I am sure you must have heard about Google’s speed? Well, it depends upon the mathematical calculation of the distance between your computer and Google’s server. This is done by use of algorithms and not so complex math formulas.

10) Math in movies

Well, movies are sometimes loosely based on real incidents…and hence if we can find an incident which might have been exaggerated we may be able to predict what it was all about! Mathematics plays a big role in such investigations too because this helps investigators to convert distances into numbers (with or without any error, but at least they can get a number). That gives them an idea how close they are from their goals!

We can see that math is involved in almost every field and we cannot deny this fact because it is the only thing which ties all these fields together! Similarly, I think Mathematics is one of those things which make human life easier. Sometimes, I feel like telling people to stop getting scared of mathematics and understand its true beauty! So, this article tells us what are the uses of math in human life.

Importance of Math in the World

I want to tell some importance of math in the world. Math is a subject that everyone uses in their lives. Math is everywhere and it plays a major role in our daily lives. Without math, we would not be able to do simple things such as cooking, figuring out an amount of money from a budget, analysing data from experiments or even describing the world around us through science!

Math also plays a large role in other areas like art and sports: for example perspective drawing (which helps painters draw objects on paper), geometry (which helps designers build buildings and draw shapes using rulers). Even things like algorithms (methods used to solve problems) are part of math. So, even if you don’t think you’re good at math you use it every day without realizing it!

Math is so important in our lives because math helps us to understand things, learn about stuff and solve problems. Without math we would be living in the dark ages. So, these are the things tells us the importance of math in the world.

Reasons why Math is Important in our Knowledge and in our daily lives:

Importance in our Knowledge

Math is important to know because it gives us the ability to understand numbers and everything that comes with numbers, such as graphs, statistics, equations, geometry etc. It helps us to learn about things like gravity (how far something will fall when thrown off a building) or how fast something can go (when we’re told its speed). It also allows us to describe objects more accurately by using coordinates instead of just describing them.

Importance in our daily lives

As well as being part of almost everything we do at school, maths is even used in things that aren’t related to education! For example, Maths is used during talks on economics or politics because it helps to find out how much stuff would cost or how much money is needed to pay off debt. It can even be used in things that are more ‘fun’ like cooking!

For example, if you’re making a cake you might need to know the measurements of your ingredients (which involves math) so you know exactly how much of everything is needed. Another example would be if you wanted to decorate it with writing – Maths could help there too! You would use an equation on your calculator which will tell you exactly what letter needs to be written for who many cm wide/long the word should be.

Which types of jobs involves Math?

All different types of jobs involve mathematics, it is the language we use to describe and learn about the world. It helps us understand things like gravity (how far something will fall when thrown off a building) or how fast something can go (when we’re told its speed). Career paths that include maths will help you with calculation, data analysis and problem solving!

Some examples are, Engineers use maths to design buildings engineers also need to do research for new techniques. Another job path would be scientist I think scientists who deal with medicine could find out a cure for cancer because they have the knowledge required to do so. For example scientist’s carryout experiments in their work place where they record results Scientists also used geometry during microscope observations as it allows them to measure the angles between different cells.

Here are some useful tips you can do to learn Math

  • Do your homework!
  • Practice makes perfect, so keep practising your times tables!
  • Try and find ways to solve problems without a calculator.
  • Ask for help if you need it!
  • Retell information in your own words- this can make things easier to understand!
  • Look up things on google (but only trusted things).
  • If all else fails, get yourself some flashcards and write down key facts onto them too practice more often.
  • Go over past tests or exams that you have done.
  • Get a tutor.
  • If all else fails, ask your teacher for homework help or a better explanation!

The subject of math helps scientists to do research by it comes up with new techniques. Like creating more efficient ways of producing energy. It also allows them to make calculations for the aspects related to it (like how many you will need and how much it will cost).

Math is a tool used by mathematicians which they use to solve problems, analyse data and try and predict results. It can help describe things in a way that other people can understand better too! The main reason Maths is so important is the effect it has on careers as you work your way up from being a scientist or engineer through your early years as an apprentice all the way to becoming a director or manager!

I think Mathematics is an important subject because it plays a large role in our daily lives. Maths is everywhere and we use it to help us make sense of the world around us!


I hope you get some knowledge about some important uses of math in human life. I think the use of math is important in our world because it can help us explain what we are trying to say. Like if you want to have a shop, your boss may ask you whether you would like to open more branches or shops so they can earn more money. In this situation, mathematics could be useful as it helps people understand graphs and graphs could help them see how much profit or loss they will get from opening another shop.

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