10 Important things to Check before Buying a Laptop

Today, Laptops are available in the market for almost every price range. You can get a laptop at a price as low as $300 and laptops costing around $1000 too. However, while buying we need to consider certain factors which will ultimately affect our purchase decision at the end. I will discuss some 10 important things to check before buying a laptop in this blog.

First of all keep in mind the purpose for which you want to buy a laptop. It can be anything like – just browsing and checking emails, high graphics software and video editing, playing high end games or for college usage etc. There are certain important things to check before buying a Laptop.

A laptop is very useful for the people who spend their most of time in offices or they are students. A laptop can help them to do their daily work like if they want to search something on internet then they can find it within seconds rather than searching in library which will waste lots of time. A laptop has its own advantage so many people or students purchase laptops but few peoples know how to check all specification at the time of buying a laptop so here I’ll tell you about things which you should check when purchasing a laptop.

Important things to Check before Buying a Laptop

Some important things to check before buying a laptop are as follows:


It refers to Central Processing unit that control all other parts in Laptop. Generally, low end laptops come with Intel Pentium or Celeron processors and high end laptops operate on Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5 or Core i7 processors. Choose well according to your use. This is one of best things to check before buying a laptop.


Random Access Memory is generally measured in Gigabytes (GB). When you purchase laptop then choose its RAM capacity as per your need if you want to do multi-tasking work on laptop, at that time you must have more GB of RAM otherwise it will reduce the speed. It has become common now because most laptops are coming with 4GB or 6GB of DDR3 RAM which is sufficient for normal users even for playing latest games on low graphics.

Hard Disk Capacity:

Hard disk comes in different types like SATA and PATA etc. but nowadays SATA drive are very famous because of their speed and capacity. If you are a normal user then 40GB to 500 GB of hard drive is enough for you but if you are a gamer or movie lover then I’ll suggest you to get 1TB of Hard disk because it will store all your movies songs games etc. This is also one of the top things to check before buying a laptop.

Screen Size:

Generally screen size comes in 15 inch, 17 Inch and 19 Inches. If you want bigger screen with same price range then choose bigger screen whichever one is comfortable for your eyes while watching videos or playing games on laptop that’s why most people prefer 15 inches screens laptops because they provide more portability while keeping the same resolution as a bigger screen laptop.

Battery life:

Battery life is very important specification for Laptop users because now a days we try to search internet everywhere like in school, collage, market etc. so that’s why battery life is necessary for Laptop users as the laptops which have less battery life takes lot of time to change and it becomes frustrating.


If you are already using a laptop then you know how much portability is important because we use laptop everywhere like if we want to go out and do not take our desktop with us then we must need a laptop which can carry easily and perform similarly or sometimes it is very difficult but there are some brands who provide more portability at low price range such as Dell, Asus etc.

Outsourcing Brand:

I’ll suggest you don’t choose any random brand but choose a top brand laptop for better durability and performance such as Dell, Toshiba, and Asus etc.

Don’t go for low end Laptop:

I know most of you always go for low end laptops because it’s price is very low and provides some good specification like 4GB RAM, 500 GB Hard drive etc. but the thing which people ignore is that these specifications will decrease its speed therefore don’t go with low end specifications rather purchase medium range specification laptop at this market range there are many companies which provide quality products such as Dell, Acer, Lenovo etc.

After Sales Services:

Aftersales services are very important in laptop purchasing process because if something wrong occurs then onsite technical support or Customer care service will help you to resolve your problem therefore choose a company which provide good services after sales such as Dell, Acer, and Lenovo etc.


Last but not least warranty is also very impotent thing because mostly companies provide 1 year warranty on laptops and if you want more warranty period then purchase 3 years warranty pack with laptop you’ll get extra 1 or 2 years of warranty for free. So, these are some important things to check before buying laptop.

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Benefits of checking these things before buying a Laptop

If you are suffering from these problems then choosing right laptop can resolve your problem easily.

Problem: Low RAM or Memory Problem Solution: This is very common problem for low ram laptops if you want to increase the speed of your slow running laptop then purchase a laptop with 4GB or more depending on your need because most of the games and software’s require more memory so that’s why right choice of laptop can help you to decrease lagging.

Problem: Low Battery Life Problem Solution: If you are suffering from this problem then purchase a good brand laptop which has high battery life I’ll suggest choose Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba etc. . . . brands they have lithium ion batteries which sufficient amount of battery life along with good specification.

Problem: Frustrating Lagging Problem Solution: This is really frustrating problem if you are suffering from this problem then don’t worry here I’m providing some tips to decrease the lagging of your laptop: For Windows Users: Go to control panel and select performance and maintenance -> Advanced ->Visual effects tab -> change settings as per your need, uncheck unwanted options such as “Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing” etc. . Then go to Set program access and computer Defaults-> choose Selective start up option as per your need , click on Services tab check Hide all Microsoft services then scroll down it will show list of services uncheck unnecessary ones.

For Mac Users: Go to system preferences and select Energy Saver option uncheck the options which you don’t need such as Put hard disks to sleep when possible , check idle skipping option.

Problem: Hard disk Problem Solution: If your Hard disk is not detecting then there are two ways by which you can solve this problem easily: First, open command prompt (Start -> Run -> cmd) and type chkdsk/f for checking for hard disk errors. Type Y if it asks whether you want to proceed. Then restart your laptop that’s it!!! This will resolve your issue. Second, Open My Computer Right click on hard drive-> properties-> tools tab -> Error checking -> Check now. Follow instructions it may take some time but that is best solution of this problem if you have any other question related to laptop purchasing process, please leave your comment below this article.

Best Laptops under $500

Lenovo laptops are really best because they give the best output both in performance and built quality. Dell also offers good laptops, but there is one problem I found with them that their display is not up to the mark as compared to Acer and HP etc. So the final verdict goes out for Lenovo laptops. If you can spend little bit more money then go for Acer or Asus. Their products are also very good, especially if you want portability then you should go for HP or Dell notebooks, or if gaming is your priority then Lenovo Ideapad series will be a right choice of yours because so far all models which are released by Lenovo has 8 GPUs.

If you want to purchase an Ultrabook and running low on budget then go for HP Envy series because this series has wider range of products starting from $400 to $900 and also offers good battery life and processing speed. Of course, if you have more money to spend then go for Apple MacBook Air its built quality is up to the mark which will give you best performance for your money but don’t forget that OS X is not free like Windows OS.

So that’s all about laptops under 500 dollars hope now you’ll be able to choose a laptop without any confusion after reading this article.

Why Laptop is necessary?

Laptops are not just a need in the present time but they have become very essential part of our lives. It is because we can’t imagine our lives without laptops today. They have overcome all the boundaries and divisions so now they are used for different work such as at house, offices, schools etc. . . . Even children use laptop in their studies and also for playing games. So, thats why laptop is necessary.


In a word, laptops are one of the most important uses of present era. They have become essential part of our lives because we can’t imagine our life without them. So I think this article will definitely help you to choose best laptop under 500 dollars and i hope you got some knowledge about important things to check before buying a laptop. And if you really like this article then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family members. Thank you for reading.

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